February 23, 2018

Traditional counselling and psychotherapy can seem intimidating to some - walk and talk therapy is a viable alternative and can also provide huge benefits to our emotional and physical wellbeing.

December 8, 2017

Before 1965, the ‘midlife crisis’ didn’t least officially.  Then Elliott Jaques studied a number of artists, writers and musicians and concluded that over the age of 40, these individuals underwent a period of more introspection, searching for greater meaning. According to Jaques, this was as a result of an increasing awareness of their own mortality. 

So why can this stage of our lives be so stressful and anxiety-inducing?  There are many points in our lives where we go through difficult changes, but it seems that at the mid-point in our lives, there can be a number of factors at work at the same time.  Perhaps we have been in a particular career for a long time and you have increasingly felt trapped, or on the wrong path. Maybe in our personal lives, we are questioning how our relationships with others have panned out.  We may feel a lack of fulfilment, or have a sense that what we've always done or how we are used to living our lives doesn’t have the same meaning it u...

November 7, 2017

A few days ago I received a catalogue from a home interiors company (that shall remain nameless!)  The centrefold that caught my eye was one entitled, 'a Fairytale Christmas'.  Delicate gold fairylights trailed around the branches of a snow-covered tree, beneath which was the festive table, adorned with candles, wine and Scandi-style fabrics. The seating too, was beautiful, with co-ordinating cushions placed perfectly in order to complete this Christmas scene.  The aim was clear, and one we are all familiar with - that advertisers tap into our hopes, desires and aspirations,  in order to sell their products.

My initial reaction this time shocked me a little.  I felt an unease which has stayed with me and prompted me to write this blog.  It all looks so perfect, ready for the perfect Christmas dinner to rival all other Christmases. Yet in this image, no-one has arrived.  The scene creates an expectation of the kind of Christmas we are presented with in films and fairytales...

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February 23, 2018

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