September 26, 2017

It turns out that the 'soft-shelled crab' is not a distinct species like I thought it was.  All those Thai restaurant menus have been misleading me for years!   It refers, instead, to a stage in a crab's life where it sheds its hard shell, and grows a new one.  For those few days, the crab is more vulnerable until it can develop a new, solid shell to protect it from the elements once again.  It happens several times in a little crab's life, and is part and parcel of its journey from babyhood to a ripe old age.

During my counselling training, I came across the work of Douglas C. Kimmel, who focused on the life stages we humans go through. He likened life's great transitions to that of the soft-shelled crab.  When we reach a period of significant change in our lives, we shed a part of ourselves, the part that no longer fits.  We adapt and grow...that's the hope, in any case.    Whether we are consciously choosing to make a change, or we feel that a...

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February 23, 2018

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